Room 144


Room 144 是一個結合了不同專業,跨越了建築與室內設計界線的空間。它是一個門牌144號的舒適空間,也是一個創意,議題,經驗分享的媒介。這個空間的發想是來自於柏成設計想要改變對客戶簡報與會議的方式。傳統的會議太過於正式,像是在一個籠子裡,呆板的雷射筆閃爍,投影機風扇嗡鳴掩蓋了設計師的聲音,正式的黑領帶林立,與會者常因為嚴肅的氣氛而頻頻點頭夢周公。設計是關於生活,試驗以及分享想法給其他人,這應該要像一般朋友與朋友的聚會,可以是露天的空間最好,新鮮的現煮咖啡或是紅酒,再來點音樂就有了放鬆的感覺。所以我們降低了沙發的高度,帶入DJ設備,裝了一個吧台,再來個超大的投影螢幕,簡直就像是在觀賞電影或是秀 – 高端的設計享受。那接下來是什麼?我們了解到這個空間還有許多潛力,我們想要與每個人,每項專業,每個種子想法;我們想要給予,我們想要分享,所以我們創造了Room 144。我們每個月會邀請不同專業領域的人來參與Room 144的活動,不同的公司分享了他們的信念,如何一步步構築起他們的天地。這同時也是個讓我們的工作夥伴能夠在放鬆休憩之餘,順便看看外面的世界是怎麼轉動的好方法。我們曾邀請了品牌設計公司,學校老師,設計業的領導者,App開發者還有律師們來分享從他們的眼中看到的世界。我們最新的計畫是將Room 144融入街道,融入區,最終成為一個大家都可以分享的社區中心。請不吝嗇在我們的網站分享你的想法。

Room 144 is a cross disciplinary space that combines multiple different professions in one room. The idea first started when JC Architecture wished to change the way meetings and ideas were been presented to their clients. Traditional methods were too formal, inside a cage, laser pointer, projector speaking louder than the presenter, a black tie event, and people dozing off because it was too serious. Design is about living, about experimenting, about sharing one idea to another, it should be done like friends meeting friends, alfresco if possible, the idea of relax, fresh brewed coffee or wine, with a bit of quiet music. So we lower the couches, bring in the DJ sets, installed a bar and put in a state of the art projector screen so it’s similar enjoying a movie or a show – high end style.

So what is next, we realized this space could do so much more, we wanted to be able to exchange ideas with everybody, with every discipline, we wanted to share, we created Room 144. Monthly we invite other disciplines to participate in the Room 144 event, companies sharing their believes and how they are making the world one step at a time, its also a great way for all the staffs to relax and chill and find out what other people are doing out there.
We have had branding companies, academic discussions, design industry leaders, app developers, even lawyers sharing their views of the world. Our latest project is to turn Room 144 into a street and eventually into a block, a community where everyone is able to share, please follow our website to share with us your thoughts to