Imperfection is Perfection! Happy Chinese New Year! by Johnny Chiu

" Ahh, I do this JCA New Year Card every year, I promise myself I wouldn't repeat to been busy this time, but how can you avoid that? "  

JCA would like to send you our warmest wishes for 2017 Happy Chinese New Year. 
We’re adding this special thought too … Imperfection is Perfection. It's the little imperfections make us unique and beautiful, happy to embrace our differences and love who we truly are, because that is why makes us perfect!   

May your days glitter with unforgettable moments of happiness, laughter, and good cheer in the coming year. 

Johnny and Nora are drawing the cards one by one...

Johnny and Nora are drawing the cards one by one...

So we spent hours and hours trying to come up with the best idea of New Year Card.

"Do you want to know what I came up with finally? Just wait and see...!"

Best wishes for 2017! by Johnny Chiu

We are pleased to announce this year, JCA already won in total 11 International Architecture and Interior design awards!
Awards including winner of U.S.A. The Best of year awards, American Architecture Prize, two Gold winner of I-ding International Design award, Japan Good Design, INSIDE World Festival of Interiors, Japan JCD, Taiwan Golden Pin Design, and the fourth place of Tainan Baseball competition. 

DING Hotel

DING Hotel

From our latest architecture project - DING Hotel, well represent the Tainan city’s old charm and cultural spirit. Associated with the concept of quaint neighborhoods and social interaction, successfully create a vertical village oasis in an urban setting. 

Logistic Republic Office

Logistic Republic Office

Another awarded project - Logistic Republic Office, you could see our office design intention is to think outside the box, and our approach is to allow the encompassing of the site features, user experience, and building efficiency to shape the concept and ultimately the space. Through extensive research and close collaboration with client, we present a space of limitless possibilities, while remaining true to the core value of the company.


總是將品牌和建築的精神融入其作品中的柏成設計(J.C. Architecture),2016年共拿下11項建築室內國際設計大獎,獎項包括美國室內設計大獎、美國建築獎、中國艾鼎兩項金獎、日本優良設計獎、台灣金點設計兩項大獎以及台灣室內設計三項大獎等。非常感謝受到國際設計間評審們的高度好評!

Paper Space

Paper Space



H&M Taiwan Office

H&M Taiwan Office



Tainan Baseball competition 

Tainan Baseball competition 


2016 JCA International Design awards

Paper Space
American Best of Year Awards, Budget, winner
China I-ding International Award, Installation Space, Gold Winner
China I-ding International Award, Green Space, Gold Winner
JCD International Design Award, Food Space, Best 100
Golden Pin Design Award, Space, Winner
Taiwan Interior Design Awards, Furniture Space, Winner
Taiwan Interior Design Awards, Commercial Space, Winner

Logistic Republic Office
Good Design Award, Space, Winner
Golden Pin Design Award, Space, Winner
Taiwan Interior Design Awards, Working Space, Winner

H&M Taiwan Office
American Architecture Prize, Workplaces, Silver
INSIDE World Festival of Interiors, Offices, Shortlist

DING Hotel
American Architecture Prize, Hospitality Architecture, Honorable Mention

Tainan Baseball Stadium
Tainan Baseball Competition, Fourth Place





Friday Design Talk: Cities for People by Johnny Chiu

By 2050, 70% of the world's population will live in cities. How should we select a city to live and travel? How do we know if our cities have valuable conditions? Most importantly, could we possibly know what go wrong in our cities and how to improve?

This week’s design meeting 12/30 Friday, one of JCA's architecture designer - Tim will examine some of the most successful cities in the world. Looking forward to your participation.

Speaker: Tim
Location: JCA Living Room
Time: 12/30 (Fri.) 12:00 - 13:00


Two GOLD winners for China I-ding design award! by Johnny Chiu

We are so pleased to share this exciting news for everyone- JCA favorite project Paper Space being the GOLD WINNER for both Green Space and Installation Space in I-ding international design awards!

China I-ding International design award.

China I-ding International design award.

Welcome to enter our paper wonderland!



Think small but Dream big - OUT scholarship! by Johnny Chiu

Begin in April, so many Taiwan design students apply OUT scholarship , continued to interview with 10 nominate students in May, and finally we successfully send the top 4 students go abroad to Russia, Germany, Italy, UK and India! 

Yesterday, we just accomplished 3 big OUT sharing event including in Taipei 松菸, Taoyuan 中原 University, Taichung 東海 University. We appreciate so much with you and your friends join this OUT program, to build our small think but DREAM BIG together in Taiwan!

Finally, we'd like to thank a lot to J.C.Architecture, Yen Partnership, Dumas Design, Envision Engineering Consultants, who are this year sponsor company for scholarship. Without them, we couldn't dream come true.

OUT Scholarship, see you next year!

Chung Yuan Christian University

Chung Yuan Christian University

Tunghai University

Tunghai University

Songshan Cultural and Creative Park

Songshan Cultural and Creative Park

12/5 & 12/6 OUT Scholarship sharing event coming soon! by Johnny Chiu

OUT Scholarship 旅遊獎學金至今已送出80萬元與集結專業建築背景老師等教導,集合所有力量及資源,帶領台灣建築設計學生出國旅遊並帶回更多啟發性的旅遊分享演講會。

這次分享會特別邀請到柏成設計 邱柏文、十彥建築 林彥穎、大塊設計 施佑霖 為大家介紹,憑藉著建築專業設計背景與豐富異國的工作及旅遊經驗,帶領學生進行一對一深度Q&A講座,一起發掘學生在旅程中所獲得新知變成嘗試解惑的線索。

柏成設計 負責人 | 邱柏文
十彥建築 主持建築師 | 林彥穎
大塊設計 負責人 | 施佑霖


劉易昌 | The uncertainty of the living
黃思寧 | Public space in Europe
黎士瑄 | Transportation, Transformation, Contrast and Cross-culture
袁苡溱 | The storytelling expert- the humanistic value of curating design in British museums

J.C. Architecture 柏成設計
Yen Partnership 十彥建築
Dumas 大塊設計
Envision Engineering Consultants 築遠工程顧問

活 動 | OUT Scholarship 第二場分享會
時 間 | 2016.12.5 (一) 19:00-21:00
地 點 | 桃園 中原大學: 室內設計系愛樓 108
費 用 | 免費入場 (現場備座位) 

活 動 | OUT Scholarship 第三場分享會
時 間 | 2016.12.6 (二) 19:00-21:00
地 點 | 台中 東海大學: 建築系圖書館下
費 用 | 免費入場 (現場備座位) 

OUT Scholarship:

Interior Design's Best of Year Awards! JCA Live in NYC! by Johnny Chiu

Congratulations JCA team on being chosen as a Finalist in the 2016 Best of Year Awards!
As a Finalist, we are going to the awards ceremony which celebrate in New York on 12/1!

Winners will be announced LIVE at the event. Please stay with us to see who will be "The BEST of year".

Paper Space in Taipei, Taiwan