Bring Happier cafe to TOKYO! by Johnny Chiu

Happier café, designed and built in Taiwan from 2016 for a 6-month installation inside an old air force library in the middle of Taipei. The project won lots of international awards, such as Japan GOOD DESIGN Award, American Best of year Award, IIDA Interior Design Competition, INSIDE Award, Taiwan Interior Design Award, China I-ding International Award, Golden Pin Award, etc.

As a short-term project, Happier cafe ends is 2017.

But this year, Happier café is invited by 2018 DESIGNART TOKYO, going to exhibit in Tokyo Midtown!

With new material to reproduce Happier cafe in Tokyo, we hope to bring a new perspective of Taiwan to Japan, and look forward to bursting different thinking for both of our countries.

Welcome to visit and enjoy it!

Taiwan Modern design exhibition 

Produced by Johnny Chiu DESIGNART TOKYO 2018

|DATE 10/19 Fri - 10/28 Sun

|TIME 11:00-21:00

|LOCATION Tokyo Midtown,


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JCA x MUKA arquitectura by Johnny Chiu

JCA x MUKA_1.jpg

JCA is always trying to reach out to the world with designs, and find opportunities that can collaborate and share our vision across the globe. We are excited to announce the great news that we have just signed an agreement with MUKAarquitectura of Spain to collaborate projects that will span from Asia to Europe.


柏成設計一直致力於國際化的思考與跨領域的結合,期待將設計帶入生活的每一個角落。帶著這樣的願景,我們展開了與西班牙設計公司 MUKAarqhitectura的合作計畫,藉由兩位員工來台交換,於台灣設計專案的合作,能攜手促進台灣與西班牙的文化與技術交流。

Johnny Chiu has known Moisés Royo Márquez, the founder of MUKA over 10 years, an award-winning architect and practice that has been able to redefine the new Spanish design.

During this summer, JCA will have 2 MUKA employees in Taiwan to be working together on several projects, joining forces and fostering cultural and technical exchanges between Taiwan and Spain.

What that means is that investors that want to work in Asia and Europe can leverage our joint infrastructure to address projects globally. The future is always born of new alliances that strive to facilitate communication and work.


East Gathering by Johnny Chiu

In Singapore!

On behalf of Taiwan, Johnny is invited by SIDS(Society of Interior Designers - Singapore) to share his perspectives in East Gathering.

Date │ Saturday, 10th March 2018

Time │ 9 am to 4 pm

Venue │ Pan Pacific Singapore, Pacific One

East Gathering is a multi-cities and cross-cultural event featuring top interior designers from Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. The inaugural East Gathering kicked off in Hong Kong in December 2010 and has been taking place in several countries annually to present a series of design events, including forum, workshop and exhibition.

For the first time, Singapore is co-working with four Asia cities from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and Korea to create an interior design forum. Celebrated Designers from 5 of the Asia’s trendsetting design hubs, present their response to the challenges and opportunities of designing in today’s multi-faceted, fast paced environment.

Tickets available on line

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International Convention - Touchpoint in Interior Design by Johnny Chiu

In Philippine!

Johnny Chiu is invited by PIID (Philippine Institude of Interior Designers) to have a lecture in Manila. March 8, 2018 at 9:15 am, on the topic "Making Experience, Making Interaction", Johnny will showcase some of his own projects as an attempt to answer
some of the challenges in the society we face today, and bring us to re-think the value of
design as an imaginary force to explore, experience, engage, and encourage human
interaction once again.

If you happen to be there, don't miss Johnny's interesting sharing in Manila!

 Day one Program

Day one Program

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2018 Turn Over A New Leaf! by Johnny Chiu

We are pleased to announce this year, JCA already won in total 10 International Architecture and Interior design awards!
Awards including winner of iF awards, IIDA Interior Design Competition, Japan Good Design, INSIDE World Festival of Interiors, Hong Kong Design For Asia Awards, two Taiwan Golden Pin Design, and Taiwan Interior Design award winner, Singapore Interior Design Awards.


 iF Design Award, Office, Winner- Logistic Republic Office

iF Design Award, Office, Winner- Logistic Republic Office

 DFA Design for Asia Awards, WorkSpaces, Bronze Award- Logistic Republic Office

DFA Design for Asia Awards, WorkSpaces, Bronze Award- Logistic Republic

 IIDA Interior Design Competition- Happier Cafe

IIDA Interior Design Competition- Happier Cafe

 TID Taiwan Interior Design Awards, Working Space, Winner-The Loop

TID Taiwan Interior Design Awards, Working Space, Winner-The Loop

 Golden Pin Design Award, Space, Winner- Kaohsiung Co-Working Space

Golden Pin Design Award, Space, Winner- Kaohsiung Co-Working Space

 Golden Pin Design Award, Space, Winner- Heritage Bakery & Cafe

Golden Pin Design Award, Space, Winner- Heritage Bakery & Cafe

Paper Dome for the Celebration of Ilan Chinese New Year Celebration by Johnny Chiu

JCA_ILAN Stage Design_01.jpg

1.2km of recycled paper is used for remembering the past of this once important historical site of papermaking- Chung Hsing Paper Factory. It is a celebration of what was once here, and to bring back memories to the neighborhood, allowing the paper to once again come to life, this time not as a plane, but a space that can be experienced and interacted.

JCA柏成設計用長達1.2公里的環保紙,來紀錄與描繪在宜蘭這個造紙歷史的重要遺跡 - 中興紙廠。這是對曾經在這裡的一個歷史禮讚,為了讓紙的回憶在這個鄰里再次復甦, JCA柏成設計帶來的不只是個平面的歷史書寫,而是再造一個紙的立體刻畫而創造出來的體驗和互動的空間,漫天的紙造球體,創造出在這樣溫暖相聚的季節裡,讓我們在傳統慶典中跟歷史建築與文化傳承以當代的精神思維共同團圓與圓滿,JCA柏成設計。

JCA_ILAN Stage Design_03.jpg
JCA_ILAN Stage Design_02.jpg

1/27 OUT Scholarship sharing lecture by Johnny Chiu



They are Back!





1/27 (六)   13:00 - 15:00 柏成設計 (台北市大安區潮州街144號1F)


The Relationship Among Water, Land, and Human

 No Play No Gain


J.C. Architecture 柏成設計
Yen Partnership 十彥建築
Dumas 大塊設計
Envision Engineering Consultants 築遠工程顧問
Shinde Architecture 信德開發建設