Paper Space is for change and evolution / by Johnny Chiu

" Paper, sure it's constantly and closely tied to our daily life. "

Paper undoubtedly performs multiple functions in our lives - from when we wake up and read the newspaper in the morning, for materials such as documents, books, paper moneyand even as toilet paper in the bathroom! 

Paper Space is a place for change and evolution, where people feel comfortable but also are key attributes to the space. We imagined it as an art installation, given the lease was granted for only six months, something perhaps temporary, nonetheless imaginative and playful.

We want to create the space is not formed of floor, wall, and ceiling distinctly. There is a flow and continuity between materials and boundaries that efficiently transforms the space. As a result, paper became a simple tool that records the change of the space, giving people the opportunity to share with each other and creating the feeling of intimacy, also to leave memories as a collective whole. Once we challenge the traditional, it helps people be aware of the space and surroundings.

" It helps break habits and re-think what we do and who we are. "

As natural resources, paper is infinite, flexible, it seeps through the whole space.

" Review of past and recent developments in the dynamics, using paper is an ideal scheme to allow everyone to express, build, and adjust the environmental according to their mood. "

Project: Paper Space
Lead Designer: Johnny Chiu / Nora Wang / Maria Isabel Lima
Location: Taipei City, Taiwan
Function: Cafe Sapce
Built area: Indoor 315 m2  Outdoor 212 m2
Finish date: 2015
Photographer: Zachary C. Hone