JCA x MUKA arquitectura / by Johnny Chiu

JCA x MUKA_1.jpg

JCA is always trying to reach out to the world with designs, and find opportunities that can collaborate and share our vision across the globe. We are excited to announce the great news that we have just signed an agreement with MUKAarquitectura of Spain to collaborate projects that will span from Asia to Europe.


柏成設計一直致力於國際化的思考與跨領域的結合,期待將設計帶入生活的每一個角落。帶著這樣的願景,我們展開了與西班牙設計公司 MUKAarqhitectura的合作計畫,藉由兩位員工來台交換,於台灣設計專案的合作,能攜手促進台灣與西班牙的文化與技術交流。

Johnny Chiu has known Moisés Royo Márquez, the founder of MUKA over 10 years, an award-winning architect and practice that has been able to redefine the new Spanish design.

During this summer, JCA will have 2 MUKA employees in Taiwan to be working together on several projects, joining forces and fostering cultural and technical exchanges between Taiwan and Spain.

What that means is that investors that want to work in Asia and Europe can leverage our joint infrastructure to address projects globally. The future is always born of new alliances that strive to facilitate communication and work.